Policies & Strategic Plan


Information about policies such as the following are available on the College’s website.

Strategic Plan

The current Online Education Strategic Plan recognizes the importance of giving students new options and opportunities and, in some cases, the ability to acquire new competencies when face-to-face options are not available, desirable or practical.

The plan describes the College of Charleston’s background with undergraduate and graduate online education offerings, which started in 2012. It also describes the components of the plan.

  • Continue to serve all faculty who want to pursue professional development with technology assisted instruction.
  • Pursue intentional course development for key faculty.
  • Schedule high-demand online education courses for undergraduates.
  • Have at least 300 College of Charleston faculty complete the Online Readiness Course.
  • Have six percent or more of undergraduate course lecture sections during the regular academic year scheduled as onlineeducation course sections.
  • Study the eventual adoption of a online education course requirement for many or all College of Charleston undergraduates.

The plan concludes with the context for plan execution.